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Soul Book Club #6!

Hello my Beautiful Creatives!

Where the heck does the time go???

I realize I have not posted here in quite a while, and I really don’t want to skip over anything, so I am recommitting to getting caught up. Slowly but surely!

Soul Book Club # 6 was posted, well, let’s just say a while ago! 🙂

When I was doing this week’s Soul Book Club video, I pretty much just gave myself permission to just play without much thought…you know, the same kind of free play that you might have done when you were an innocent kindergartner. This is my absolute favorite way to spend time in my Soul Book.

Free, uninhibited, playtime!!

My first spread I did today, was inspired by a picture that I had found on Pinterest. This image was a red splotchy background with the words Must Make Art. Not only is red my favorite color, this sentiment is my truth! I can’t seem to go a day without wanting to make art of any kind! and I mean EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!! 🙂

For this spread I thought I would use my 3×5 Gelly Plate, and basically use my Gelly Plate as kind of a stamp. I was also really excited about doing this spread because of the time card that I had tipped in to the middle of this spread. I knew it would 1. give me a bit of a challenge figuring out how to decorate it because it is a different kind of paper than the actual sketch book itself. and 2. I love the idea of having like a mini page in the middle of this spread.

I felt that I was having some trouble getting my groove on, I was having a lot of troubles dropping things – I do that when I let myself get a little bit too tired, and this spread, in my opinion really kind of turned out to be quite a mess, but I am glad that I did it! I also found that this spread helped me get warmed up, and inspired me to do another spread! 🙂

The second spread I did, I did not have a plan for that one either, but it is literally my favorite spread in my Soul Book now! 🙂

This was the first time I had ever used black gesso as my background layer, and it was also the very first time that I gave myself permission to use my good Golden’s acrylic paints, and man I am I soooo impressed!! When this spread was done, not only did I love it, it felt like oil cloth! As you might have noticed in the video, I just could NOT STOP PETTING IT!! LOL!!

Petting your art = LOVING IT!!! 😉

Anyway, bear with me, as I get myself caught up with my spreads here on my beautifulcreatives website, it will get done…I AM DETERMINED!!

Anyway, here is to a BEAUTIFUL Creative kind of night!

If you want a different life, you have to choose differently!

Soul Book Club

DSC06290I want to invite you to join a Soul Book Club!

YEAH!!!! 🙂

What is Soul Book Club?

Well, Soul Book Club is an intimate group of women who meet every month to spend time learning art journaling techniques to help them create a Soul Book!


What the heck is a Soul Book?

A Soul Book is a personalized combination art journal/scrapbook/smash book/diary/planner etc. It is a fun and creative tool to help you remember what is important to you and your soul!

DSC06297Why a group?

For starters this is a fun way to learn art journaling techniques, and share how your fellow Soul Bookers are using their Soul Books! My goal is that these groups will also become intimate groups of women who will become Soul Sisters who support each other as they go through the ups and downs that life has a tendency to throw our way!

DSC06298How can I join?

If you want to join let me know by e-mailing me at!

DSC06301What about cost?

The cost is $10 per month. This will help with the cost of art supplies, but this is not a group that is meant to make any money – this is a group solely for the purpose of supporting each other as we go through the process of creating and living with and through our Soul Books!! 🙂


This first Soul Book Club meets the third Saturday of every month, from 1pm to 4pm. As more people sign up, more classes/times/locations will be created to keep the groups intimate!


The first Soul Book Club meets at the Broadway Coffee House, which is located at 1300 Broadway Street Northeast #100 in Salem, Oregon

DSC06305What do I need to bring?

I will make sure to provide oodles of decorative craft paper, craft paints, paint brushes, and glues, but I would recommend bringing the following items:

  • Magazine images
  • Any copies of pictures you might want to include, make sure to have at least a few of just yourself – it is YOUR Soul Book after all!
  • Any miscellaneous ephemera you might like to include (book pages, maps, old letters, etc)
  • A pair of good paper cutting scissors
  • Your favorite black pen (preferably permanent ink)
  • Your favorite white pen (optional), but I am bringing my white Signo Broad pen
  • Anything else is completely optional! 🙂

DSC06314What else do you need to know?

Broadway Coffee House has requested that I let all attendees know that beverages, besides water, is not permitted, but we are more than welcome to bring up any food or drink that we purchase from their coffee house!

Also, space is EXTREMELY limited, so this first Soul Book Group will be limited to 8 attendees! As more people sign up, more classes/times/locations will be created to keep the groups intimate! I am also hoping to have Soul Book Groups in cities such as Portland, Albany, and possibly Eugene – I am up for suggestions!

If you have ay questions, comments or concerns, please let me know by either leaving a comment on this page, or your can e-mail me at!

I hope to see you there!!

Here is to living a FABULOUSLY CREATIVE life! 🙂

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