42 by 42

Every year on my birthday, I commit myself to creating a list of things that I want to accomplish before my birthday on the next year. The number of items is always exactly the same as the number of years that I have been alive AKA gifted.

This year’s list is a list of the 42 goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 42, which will be on October 10th, 2017.

My 42 things!!

  1. Paint a large canvas!
  2. Pay off all non-mortgage debt! In progress!
  3. Run a 5k!
  4. Take a trip to Arizona!
  5. Dance naked under the moon and stars!
  6. Go completely vegan for a week!
  7. Read 25 books! 6 down, 19 to go!
  8. Volunteer in the soup kitchen! DONE!
  9. Have at 1k subscribers on my YouTube channel! DONE!
  10. Host a women’s retreat!
  11. Go to Brave Girls’ Symposium 2017a! DONE!
  12. Launch a new series on my YouTube channel! DONE!
  13. Lose 50 pounds!
  14. Host an online class! In progress!
  15. Go through Kelly Rae Robert’s Wear Your Joy online course! In progress!
  16. Get a passport! In progress!
  17. Leave $100 for a haggard waitress! DONE!
  18. Buy Jason a MacBook Pro!
  19. Have a photo shoot for my business pics!
  20. Have a Reiki session!
  21. Go camping with my sweetie!
  22. Hang the sheets, on a clothesline, in the sun to dry!
  23. Create a creative planner! DONE!
  24. Learn to play guitar! In progress!
  25. Make a funky, stitched cuff bracelet!
  26. Get the condo remodeled and sold! In progress!
  27. Refinish the dresser!
  28. Take a weekend vacation by myself! DONE!
  29. Get through B-School! In progress!
  30. Send fifty handwritten notes! 1 down only 49 to go!
  31. Attend a vlogging conference! Tickets bought for PlannerCon March 2018!
  32. Be able to share better define what I do and why! In progress!
  33. Get my life, dream, job, and  Jason’s Business organized! In progress!
  34. Publish an e-book!
  35. See a comedy show!
  36. Establish an editorial calendar for features like Soul Book Club, Plan with Me, Journal with Me, & My Altered Book! DONE!
  37. Redesign my website to make it a reflection of my personal style!
  38. Invest in business cards! DONE!
  39. Type up my great grandmother’s cookbook, and have it turned into a book!
  40. Simplify your Christmas gift giving! DONE!
  41. Do something that AMAZES the hell out of you! DONE!
  42. Move to a different city! DONE!

Here is to a BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE 41st year of Living a good life!!

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