Spiraling! Spiraling!

A chain on a black background breaks

Good morning, Beautiful Creatives!

Okay, so here goes. Forewarning, I am keeping it real!

I am not doing so hot.

I am not sure if it is just that I am highly sensitive and there is not enough alone time, out in naturetime, quality time with the hubby, if living on east coast time while living on the west coast is becoming too much, or if there really is just too much going on in this girls life for her to handle.

I feel like I am spiraling the drain.

I am tired.

I am burnt out.

I feel completely and totally disconnected.

These are all things that my inner Chrissie is non too happy about!

I have learned long ago that there will be no one to come and rescue me, or save me, that if I want to fix what is going on, I have to take action and make the necessary changes happen. As much as I think I love change, the freshness, the newness, and the excitement that change can bring,

I am also quite scared of it.

I never want to hurt or disappoint anyone, but what I am learning is that you can’t live your authentic life without disappointing someone.

I know the change I need to make, a couple of them actually. I am not going to speak them aloud out here, I want the people affected to know first hand. These changes are big, life-upheaveal kind of changes, and if I am honest, VERY SCARY changes. and if you were looking in on my life, through a window, they might seem like, “WTF” kind of changes, but I have learned something else throughout this past year…

To live authentically, you have to live radically, and unapologetically.

You don’t ask for permission, you give notice.

(Thank you, Miss Lisa Nichols, for those lessons!)

For my sanity’s sake, and for my mental health’s sake, it is time to stop apologizing, give notice, and make the damn change already.

Yeah, that feels like it is Brave Girl Panty worthy!! 🙂

Here is to a Brave Girl Panty kind of day!


2 thoughts on “Spiraling! Spiraling!

  1. Teri Furey

    Hi Chrissie,
    I just want to send you love, and let you know I hear you.
    You mentioned at the beginning that you are a highly sensitive person. This morning I came across this YouTube video that might interest you.
    Also, have you heard of women by the name of Mel Robbins? She has many videos on YouTube that might be helpful. I have started using the 5-second rule, that she discovered and it does work! Check this one out.

    Best of luck in moving forward. There is no doubt to me that you are an amazing authentic woman! Being who you are is what makes you so likable. As the saying goes…you are the real McCoy!
    So pull up your big girl panties and do what you have to do!!!

  2. Deb

    Please find and be your true self…….take great care of you, I care about you and wish you only the best! You are an amazing artist and have enjoyed ALL that you share. Lots of love, hugs and prayers for you.


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