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Final Road Trip Pictures!

Good morning!

Before the week got too far ahead of me, I thought I would share my favorite road trip picturesΒ from this past weekend with my Auntie in Port Ludlow, Washington! πŸ™‚


My Auntie and I on a very windy but lovely afternoon!! πŸ™‚


My auntie and the surprise birthday boy, “Uncle” Manny!


Some of my Uncle Manny’s friends!





The next morning a few of us were able to get together for breakfast before we all headed out for home!



This is Cathy, Misty, and my Auntie. Misty and I used to pal around together when we were younger!


Alice and Manny were and still are always so much fun to spend time with!

DSC04813Here is Dick, Mary, Cathy, Manny, Misty, & Alice!

After going through these pictures, I see that I have missed a whole lot of very important people! I will have to see if I have any other pictures tucked away on my phone, and share those on Facebook!!

I really had a wonderful weekend; time at the coast is always so rejuvenating!!

Here is to good memories, and even greater friends, both new and old! πŸ˜‰


If you want to have a different life, live differently!! πŸ™‚

Road Trip Update!

DSC04716Good morning!

I just wanted to pop in this morning, and let you know that my aunt and I are having such a FUN time on our road trip!! YEAH!!

We made it to the hotel…er…I mean…resort! The Resort at Port Ludlow,Β YES! It is an actual resort!! It is so beautiful, and the building, although we have discovered, much to our chagrin, that it is not an old, old building, it is actually a new building that is about to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary!!

We got here and discovered that we only have two events scheduled for the entire time we are here, which means we have a lot of much needed downtime!! πŸ™‚

My auntie has come down with a bit of a cold, which has been kind of a bummer, but because we have so much downtime, she has been able to take care of herself, which I am thankful for! Actually this morning, we have been having fun lounging around the hotel room, sharing stories, being extremely and luxuriously lazy, and just really having the best kind of day!!

We have a big shindig at noon today, which I am guessing will last a few hours, and then we will be back to hanging out!


The weather here, could not be more perfect!! It is sunny, with a lovely breeze. From our room, we have the best view. We can see the marina and the bay from our windows. We have a corner room on the uppermost floor, and it is sooooo spacious! My auntie and I are both in agreement, that if they threw a sofa in here, we could turn this into our little apartment! I am not sure how our sweeties would feel about that, but there is also the ability to have an adjoined room, so I am sure there would be room for all of us! πŸ™‚ One can dream, can’t one??


Anyway, I want to finish getting ready to head out, the outdoors is calling to me, which means I think it is time for a much needed walk on the beach! Oh yeah, I could TOTALLY get used to this life!! πŸ™‚

Here is to a FABULOUS day!!



I you want to have a different life, live differently!


Heading Out of Town!

Crown HeaderGood afternoon!

I thought I would just pop in real quick and let you know that I am heading up to my Auntie’s place! We are heading out on a road trip, just the two of us!!


As you can see, I am rather excited about it! We are heading up to Port Ludlow, Washington, which I have never heard of before, but anytime I get to spend time with my aunt is AMAZING fun!! πŸ˜‰

I will make sure to report back, and possibly get some good pics to show!!!

I hope you all are having an EXCELLENTΒ week!! πŸ™‚

Here is to making some FABULOUS new memories with my auntie!! πŸ™‚


If you want to have a different life, live differently!