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I’m Back!!

Good afternoon!

This year Jason and I stayed in town and spent Thanksgiving with his family! After some gentle prodding from my sister, Alexa, I am very excited to share some of our family’s Thanksgiving dinner pictures with you! 🙂

1Here is my sweetie proudly carving the Thanksgiving turkey!! Can you see the pride on his face??? 🙂

2Check out this spread!! Everyone brought a little something to share in the feast!! 🙂

3It was CROWDED!!! It was decided that if we wanted to try and squeeze any more people into my sister’s place, we were going to have to rent a hall!! 😉

4Here’s some of the crowd!! From left to right, Morgan, Jason, me, Rudy, Alyssa, Kayla, Derrick, Anna, Gabriel (only the top of his head is showing), Megan, Julian, and Jordan!

5Here is Grandma and Grandpa Feskens, and I am not sure what has Morgan laughing – but I LOVE seeing him look so happy!! 😉 The kids did such a great job being patient and waiting for everyone to get to the table, so that we could pray, before they could eat!! There was almost an audible cheer when the kids were finally given permission to eat!!

6Here is mom hanging out in comfy chair that was tucked in the corner!!! The BEST seat in the house! 🙂

7Derrick and Anna! I am not sure what they were discussing, but aren’t they cute?? 🙂

8My niece, Kayla, and I! 🙂 I love this little fancy girl!! 🙂

9Grandma and Grandpa Feskens, with mom smiling in the background! 🙂

10Rudy, Alyssa, and Kayla!! Having enjoyed a yummy meal! Waiting for pie!! 😉

11Kayla and Gabriel!!! These kids are growing up sooooo fast!! 😉

12Here is Julian enjoying his turkey leg!!! 😉

13Cousins, Riley and Christopher – ABSOLUTELY inseparable!!! These two are practically young men!! Where does the time go???

IMG_2012This is Megan giving me a pose!! Before I know it she is going to be a full on teenager!! 🙂

14Uncle Jay-Jay harrasing Chris!! They have so much fun together!! 🙂

15Jason getting ready to mow down on his Thanksgiving dessert stash!! Fruit salad, sweet potato souffle, and green frozen jello!

16I can’t remember what I was talking about it, but apparently arm motions were definitely required to get my point across! 🙂

17Riley and Chris again, being silly!! 🙂


18Jason and Kayla!! She is such a snuggly girl!! 🙂

19Yep! This is Jason and I! I really do love this man!! 😉

20We really did have such a good Thanksgiving!!! This sign that is in Nette’s living room really sums our day up!! 😉

Here is to a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!! ;-)

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