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Friday’s Bliss List

Good morning!!

it is about 3:15 in the morning, and my sweetie and I are spending a lovely time down in Roseburg with my family for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately this morning, my sister’s neighbors have decided to have a party, and I have been unable to go back to sleep since about 2 o’clock. So, instead of dwelling on the negative I thought I would try and add something new, and even though it is technically Sunday, I thought that now would be the best time to start my Friday Bliss List!!! A list to focus on what I am grateful for, the things that make me happy!!!

My Bliss List…

  1. My awesome husband!! I am still in awe that even after 17 years of marriage, we can still be madly in love with each other!!!
  2. Being able to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving!
  3. Our four-legged girls who love us unconditionally!
  4. Having lost enough weight that sleeping on an air mattress is kind of fun!! Kind of!! 😉
  5. Having gotten all of our Christmas shopping done early, on budget, and entirely in cash!!! (Thank you, Dave Ramsey!)
  6. I am still a sucker for a really good book!!
  7. Spending time learning some new crochet stitches! It is so relaxing, and when you have friends who likes to crochet with you, that is THE BEST!!!
  8. Coming home. There truly is no place like home!!
  9. Being fit enough to out play our nephews!!
  10. Realizing that the neighbors may have finally gone to bed, which means I can now get back to sleep!!!

See, I knew this Bliss List was going to be a good idea!!!

Here is to a FABULOUS morning/day!!!

~Christina 😉

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