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Some Time On My Own!

Good evening!

Here I am! I have been MIA for a while, I realize, but in all honesty I have been really been busy, and have been taking a break from personal computer time/social media. Tonight my sweetie is at Burning Man, or at least the Oregon version, which is called “Soak”. I am always a little blue when he goes out of town, but this is something that he has really been wanting to do. This is one of those things that is on his life list, and you have to know I will ALWAYS be soooo supportive of him, and his list, so I am ready to have some me time for the next few days!! 😉

For my me time, I don’t have any huge plans while he is gone, but I do have some little plans! Tomorrow night is our bariatric support group. This is the first time I have ever gone by myself, so that will be a change! 🙂

Then on Friday, my niece, Megan is coming over for an auntie night/sleepover! YEAH!! That is always fun!!! I am going to take her to dinner, then to go see the new movie, “Brave”, or maybe bowling, or miniature golf. I am sure we will also squeeze in a manicure!!


Then on Saturday my sis, Nette, and my nephew, Morgan will come over on Saturday so we can go swimming!! Whew!! After they all head home, I have a feeling I am going to have to squeeze in a nap!! 😉

Jason will be home sometime on Sunday, I am thinking probably in the late afternoon, and I already miss him!! We have had a few crazy weeks recently, and haven’t really had a lot of alone time, so I am really looking forward to some quality time when he gets back into town.

Ok, so backing up just a bit. On Friday afternoon, I am picking up a C-Pap machine. I am not looking forward to it, but interested to see if it will help me sleep more soundly during the night.

Oh, you may not know this, since it has been such a while since I posted but we have been really busy on the bariatric surgery prep process. I did have a sleep study, and man that was probably the worst night of sleep/no sleep I think I have EVER had!! I have met with a psychiatrist, physical therapist, and I have met my goal weight of losing 16 pounds! Matter-of-fact I have lost 24 pounds so far. Clothes are much looser, I am getting ready to float down to the next size down! It is quite the dilemma!! 😉 I have almost 80 days until my surgery date.

Jason has finished all of his pre-op stuff, he is down almost 40 pounds, and his pre-op class next week, which means that in two weeks he will be starting his two week liquid diet, and his surgery is about 1 month away!!

Another thing that we have gotten into the habit of is doing nightly walks together, and long walks on Saturday and Sundays! This last Saturday, with my youngest Trina in tow, we walked 6.4 miles!! EEK!!! It took us 2 1/2 hours, and I had two super blisters on my feet when we finished! Not fun!! However, we would have gotten back faster, but yours truly ended up taking a really bad spill after twisting her ankle!! Yep, that is me, and that is why my middle name is “Grace”! 😉 Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle at about the 3.2 mile mark, so I still had 3.2 miles to go to get home!! Needless to say, I spent the rest of the weekend with my feet up!! 😉

Anyway, I realize it is getting late, and I still have to take my evening walk, so I am going to have to cut this short!!

Here is to a FABULOUS evening!! ;-)

 If you want to have a different life, you have to live differently!

Friday Night at the Manse!

Good evening!

I am spending this time this evening with my two four-legged girls this evening, as my sweetie is out having fun with the guys! So, I an spending some time at the manse this evening doing a little bit of WHATEVER I WANT!!! 😉

I can’t decide if I want to curl up with a good book, or if I want to watch a sappy chick-flick!! Oh, so much to do, so little time!! 😉

And, I realize I haven’t really arted much in the past week, but I think I have really pooped myself out with all of the art class stuff that I have been trying to keep up with for the past 6 months! and even though, I am enjoying my current class, I think that this will be my last soul-searching/art class I am going to take for a while! I need to just get to the arting of it all, and get some new pieces made!!

On the bariatric surgery/dieting front, I met with my physical therapist today, and I was pretty impressed with m’bad self. I say that because I was able to do a lot more physical activity than I think she was expecting! Heck, I do a lot more physical activity than even I expect! I have usually been pretty active even as a fat-chick! 😉 Anyway, she has helped me write out some of my physical goals, and given me some homework to help me work…er…I mean…train for these goals. So, I left there feeling pretty jazzed about all of that!

Oh, I want to tell you about this AWESOME book that I read. Yesterday, after I got home from work, I couldn’t decide what to do, so instead of flip on the tele, I decided to pick up a book that I had borrowed from the hospital’s community library, and give it a try. The book was called Tuesdays with Morrie. After about 2 hours, before I knew it, the book was finished, and my perception of death and dying has literally changed!! I know that sounds deep, but it is such a LOVELY book!

Tuesdays with Morrie is about an old man, a retired professor, who is dying, and a young man, who was one of his students about 16 years earlier. They meet together on Tuesdays, where they share stories, and the old man shares his life’s lessons about living and dying. It is such a beautiful story, oh, and did I mention that it is a true story?? I found myself laughing out loud, crying like a baby, and wondering why in the world I hadn’t read this little gem of a book sooner?? I highly recommend this book to anyone who has even lost a loved one – it might just change your perception on life and death too! 🙂

Some of Morrie’s lessons are:

  • Don’t assume that is too late to get involved.
  • The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it.
  • Love is the only rational act.
  • Don’t cling to things because everything is impermanent.
  • Love each other or perish.
  • Don’t let go to soon, or hang on too long.
  • You are not a wave, you are part of the ocean.
  • Sometimes you can’t believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel.
  • Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do.
  • Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Meet Morrie – Such a happy, happy man!!

On a more frivolous note, (my, my, my this one of those random thought kind of posts this evening!) I received a package in the mail this afternoon. Since I am getting ready for bariatric surgery, and it has been pushed out by a month – did I tell you that??? Well, my surgery is now September 4th – I was a little bummed when I found out it was pushed out so far, but I know it will still be worth it! Anyway, this package I got this afternoon was a package of new clothes that had I found online at Lane Bryant. These clothes were on clearance sale with a special additional 50% off, so I got them dirt cheap!! The screwy thing is, is that I ordered them all in my post-surgery goal size – a size 14!! I am a little embarrassed to admit that, but I just could not pass up that kind of sale, and I KNOW that I will get there, AND in only about a year after surgery, sooooo…it seemed like a GREAT idea to me, and I am still pretty excited about it. However, the only thing that kind of scares me, is that I haven’t seen this size since I was 18, and a size 14 just looks sooooo tiny!! Now I am starting to second guess my goal!! I am not going to dwell too much on it now, and just keep doing what I know I need to be doing! So there – I feel like I have just gone to some kind of confessional, and now I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! Thanks for that!!! My check for your psychologist’s fee will be coming in the mail!! 😉

So, I am going to wrap this up. I have decided to go take another evening walk before I plant my hieney in front of the tele to watch some episodes of Sex in the City, while pulling pics of my dream outfits out of fashion magazines!! Yeah, that sounds good!!

Here is to a FABULOUS evening!! ;-)

 If you want to have a different life, you have to live differently!