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He’s Still Got It!

Good evening!

Jason and I had some lovely visitors yesterday while we were having our garage sale, and I had just happened to capture a few of the cutest pics that I wanted to share with you.

This is my nephew Morgan, and my niece Megan. I really miss these two cuties – we haven’t spent too much time together recently – their family has been SUPER-BUSY!! 😉

Here is our nephew, John. I took 5 pictures of him, and he was frozen like a statue – EVERY single picture was IDENTICAL!! TOO FUNNY!! 😉

This is our adopted free-spirited little sister, Cicily!! She is taking a break from helping with our garage sale to enjoy some rare Oregon sun.

Now, when these two get with their Uncle Jay-Jay hilarity ensues!! What you can’t see is that Uncle Jay-Jay is tickling them!! 😉

and here is little Miss Megan acting shy peeking out behind her mamma!! I definitely need to get some Auntie Time scheduled!! We need to go get some serious pampering time in!!!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Even though their visit was short, we made a swim date to get together again on Tuesday – I REALLY can’t wait!!! 😉

Until tomorrow…

Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉


Good evening!

Jason and I had a long garage sale today, on a day that was much too hot to be standing in the sun all day, and with not much foot traffic. We are both very tired and ready to close the house down for the evening! So, I am going to try and keep this post nice and short.

First, I thought I would start with an update from yesterday’s post. I am happy to say that Jason and I are doing much better today. One of our friends said to me, “17 years is a lot of one-day-at-a-times”.

It was what I needed to hear.

Somehow Jason and I had forgotten that every relationship is about dealing with the one-day-at-a-times, and not clumping all of the would-a, should-a, could-a’s and lobbing them at each other.

With that reminder, the decision has been made. We are going to do our best and work it out. At the end of the day, the scale tips much heavier towards good days than bad, and we are going to chalk yesterday up to one of the not so pleasant days. I know that we will both be missing out on A LOT of happy tomorrows together, if either one of us give up now. So, for us, we decided that we weren’t going to let walking away from each other be an option – we have been through too much to let all of this go because, in a moment of exhaustion, we argued about something petty! (and in all honesty, I don’t even remember what started it!)

Before I leave you this evening, I wanted to say “thank you”. Truly. The outpouring of love, prayer, and support that Jason and I have received has been overwhelming. I am so thankful that we have the kind of support group that seems to just come from everywhere to stand by us, laugh with us, cry with us, pray with us, and simply love us. For all of the words of encouragement we have received from friends, and family within the last 24 hours, I am truly grateful! I truly hope that we can return the favor some day when you are needing a pick me up!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Tonight, I can HONESTLY say…

Have a FABULOUS evening!! 😉

A Little Bit of Truth

Well, ladies and gentlemen.

I would love to tell you that I am having a great night, unfortunately I am not.

I would love to tell you that everything in my life is perfect, alas, that too, it is not.

I would love to tell you that I always have the right words to say, but sometimes the words get all used up and depleted. I feel a little like tonight is one of those nights.

I am going to share something seriously personal, and I want what I have to say to remain in this room, if you don’t mind. 😉 My sweetie and I are trying to decide if we should stay together or not.

Wow! even though I felt like I was whispering that so quietly, reading it here feels like I am yelling it at the top of my lungs.

You know, the fact of the matter is, is that I love that man like crazy, but I am learning that maybe sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes the annoyances of real life, and a lot of stupid little nothings get in the way of happiness. Sometimes choosing to stay with someone is just that, a choice. A choice to be happy. or a choice to be miserable. I can’t tell you which choice is which. and I honestly don’t know what choice is going to be made this evening.

I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Jason. He has been my lover, soul mate, playmate, shoulder to cry on, cheerleader, protector, and my best friend for the past 17 years; but maybe it will all just turn out for the best. that is what I am banking on. one way or the other.

How sad is this posting – right?? I am sorry to be such a stick-in-the-mud, but I think instead of just pretending to smile and tell you all that everything is going honey-dorey. I thought a little bit of truth might just be in order.

As I close this post for the evening, I would love to tell you all to have a fabulous night, but I think I would rather just tell you to take care of yourself, and be thankful for those around you that you can share your love and life with, even if just for a short amount of time. Share your love with them completely, don’t hold back. Life truly is too short to be wasted.

Thank you so much for letting me go on, I am sure we will have it all worked out in the morning. We will see.

~Christina 🙂


Good evening!

This morning I stumbled across this quote that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind all day.

“What you can do or dream you can do, begin it, boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
~Johann von Goethe

There are so many odd projects laying around the house that seriously need my attention, and I know that I need to spend time crossing each one off of my list! But, right now, the big project is Jason and I are participating in a large garage sale this Saturday. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out a lot of the miscellaneous stuff that in all honesty Jason and I haven’t seen in years!! We spent a few hours this evening going through boxes, and it was so energizing to let go of all of that old stuff. It is true what they say about stuff literally weighing you down, mentally! I am learning to believe that is true.

Ok, confession time!! I might be just a bit of a shop-a-holic (ok, Jay, stop laughing!!). Ok, I’ve said it!! I don’t think I go too crazy money-wise because I pay myself first, pay all of my bills, I have a nice retirement fund and a savings account, but where I think it is really starting to hurt me is in my living space. We live in such a small condo, and it seems that no matter how much stuff I have leaving this place, I just seem to fill the new space with almost twice as much stuff! (That might be a slight exaggeration, but I am sure not by much!)

My biggest areas I have problems with this is books, and fashion!! I can’t pass up a good book, ESPECIALLY if I can find it for a FABULOUS price! and ANYTIME I find a cute dress, or other clothing item that makes me feel good, I just snatch it up – and sometimes in multiple colors!!! This is really starting to become a problem! I would like to tell you that I could stop anytime I want too, but I find that I use shopping to sometimes fill a void that I can sometimes feel in myself. Like something I am needing and I am hoping a certain book, or a certain top will somehow fill it. Crazy, I know! I hear myself saying it, and just think,


Sad, I know!! I am hoping that our garage sale this weekend will really help me make a serious dent in all of the “STUFF”!! I am a little nervous that I am going to be making my hubbies head spin by how fast and how much stuff is leaving this house! I am being seriously RUTHLESS in what goes and what stays!! If we haven’t even seen in since we moved in here 5 years ago, why the heck do we have it still!! Now, there are some memorabilia that I have a different set of rules for, but for the most part, that only pertains to things like cards, and photos, which don’t take up a lot of room in this house!! Thankfully!!

And, if my sweetie and I are going to stay in this condo a few more years, then I owe it to the both of us to make every effort to turn it into our home, and not just a stopping point – like a sad hotel!! Now, a GLAMOROUS HOTEL??? I am SOOO there for that, but not what we have been living in up to this point!!

Also, I have realized today, that I have so much extra home decor and what nots that I could actually start an online home boutique. Don’t think I am not seriously contemplating that either!! That has always been one of my dreams, and this quote above is making me thinking that I just need to get brave, and open my own boutique!! How cool would that be??!!

Oh to dream out loud!!

That would be BLISS!!!

Anyway, I am going to head up to bed for the night, and dream of my new clutter free home!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!!! 😉

Chunky Dunker Night!

Good evening!

I am the type of person that has always been on the lookout for signs. I am a firm believer that there are signs all over the place telling you what direction to go next, you just have to know how to spot them. Well, today, I have been noticing signs all over the place about not giving up on your goals. I really needed to hear that today! Today I recommit myself to focusing on my top 4 goals, one of which is getting fit and healthy, which is why I bring this up tonight – on Chunky Dunker night!

Chunky Dunker, for those of you who may not know is a weekly weight loss/get fit support group that meet here online every Wednesday evening to get the opportunity to comment, and cheer each other as you each go through your journey to get fit and healthy!!! We will discuss hints, tips, and ideas on losing weight, staying motivated, and achieving your fitness goals, whether that is to lose 5 pounds, to do 10 sit-ups, or just incorporate some healthy habits into your daily life!!

As always, everyone and anyone is welcome to join us, or you may feel free to just quietly follow along. I look forward to hearing about all of your successes!

As for my week, I have done alright – not as good as I did last week, but I have been nursing a slight knee injury that seems to have knocked me for a little bit of a loop. Not to worry, I am going to get back into the swing of things by hitting the pool a couple of more times this week, especially since the thermostat is rising, and ANY way to keep cool, is good enough reason for me!! I haven’t actually lost any more weight, but I am dropping inches; and besides occasionally burning my candle at both ends, so to speak, I am feeling pretty peppy!! 😉

Well, that is enough about me this evening! I can’t wait to hear how all of you are doing! I will meet you in the comments section!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!! 😉

Aaaaaah Hope!

Good evening!

You know what I’ve received as a gift today??


HOPE that things will get better, HOPE that I am not stuck in my job, HOPE that I am not stuck in my condo, and HOPE that I will get the opportunity to make my dreams come true! Someone gifted that to me today, and she may not even have known it! That someone was my realtor Nicole Shuba!! She was the same person who helped us find out condo, way back when – can you believe that we have been here 5 years????

I met with her after work today to find out if we had any kind of options, housing-wise,  in this market, or if we are just going to have to be a little more patient and wait it out! Her answer surprised me!!! She did say that we may have to just be patient and ride it out, but she also gave me a few ideas on things that I could do in the meantime, which was a breathe of fresh air!!

Not only that, she shared with me some of her goals that she has already accomplished – some goals that I also have on my list, mind you!! She showed me that if I just remain diligent, then I will be able to accomplish some of my goals too!!! Owning my little farm, traveling to Paris, and Italy, owning my own little business on the side, while I am waiting for the market to turn around, or at least for me to get my nest egg to where I want it to be so that I have some breathing room.

My meeting with her just reminded me that I am truly blessed, and that not only is God watching out for both my sweetie and myself, but He has bigger plans for us than we could have ever imagined, and they are on their way to us!!

Thank you, Nicole!! You truly did make my week!! I needed to hear everything you said, and to see your smiling face really put me at ease!! I can’t wait until I am able to have you sell this place, and help us purchase the next place – won’t that be an amazing day???

For all of the rest of us. I challenge us to go out of your way reach out to someone in your circle and share with them some words of encouragement! You may not know it, but maybe you will be making someone’s week too!

Have  a FABULOUS evening!! 😉

Taking a Time Out!

Good evening!

I am have given myself a time-out! LITERALLY!! You know, when you are a little kid and your parents ground you to your room, and it might as well be the ABSOLUTE WORST THING POSSIBLE??? Well, I wish my mom were around now to ground me to my room, because that is exactly where I want to be!!

I left my artist date early, brought my tired self home, and have given myself permission to just veg out for the evening! My official plan is that as soon as I am done blogging, I am going to climb up the stairs, get into my pj’s and climb into bed. Is that sad??

NO, I think that there are some times that you just need to know when to say, ok, I have had enough for the night!!

I am sure that after a great night’s rest I will be able to make it all the way through tomorrow! Until then,

Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉

A Random Sunday!

Good evening!

I have come to the point in my book-loving life that I have too many books, and not enough time to read them all! Not to mention, some of them were given to me and I have NO idea what they are even about. I need to get two comfortable reading chairs and place them in my living room so that I can get some more reading time squeezed into my days! All of my friends and family think that I read all of the time, but really, I only read about 1/2 an hour before bed every evening. I wonder if that fact would surprise any of them??

Well, Jason and I are getting ready for our association’s annual garage sale, which is coming up this weekend, so I am doing my part to help get rid of any miscellaneous things in the house. Apparently Jason is going to be placing a whole TON of his things from his storage unit out for sale, which will be good, I think! When Jason and I lived in the old house, we used to hold 2 or 3 garage sales every Summer, so keep the plethora of belongings at bay was much easier than it is now!!

I have been dreaming about our farm that we hope to have some day. I have made an appointment with my mortgage broker for this Tuesday to find out what kind of options I have for either getting out of our condo, or refinancing so that we can pay a lower mortgage payments every month. I haven’t refinanced for the last three years, and I know my credit score has gone up, and interested rates have gone down. SO, hopefully I will hear SOMETHING good!! just as long as she doesn’t tell me that we will be stuck in this condo for the next 10 years – UGH!!! 😉

As for today? Well, Jason and I started early this morning, with the stereo playing some happy music to make our chores a little more fun!! I just LOVE having a clean house!! Then I had pulled out my mother’s no-bake cookie recipe that I had misplaced, but found this week, and decided to surprise Jason by making him a batch of those. They are so much easier than I remember, and still DELICIOUS!! Needless to say he was PLEASANTLY surprised!!! 😉

So, tonight, I am going to finish going through some of my books, set out an outfit for tomorrow. Oh, on a side note, I have to text Chris (one of my co-workers) every morning to make sure that she and I are not wearing the same thing – it happens a lot!!! 😉 So, I have started to setting out my clothes every evening, so that I am ready at a moments notice if I have to change anything!! LOL!! What we do for our friends!! 😉 and then I am going to climb into my freshly made bed this evening and catch up on a little reading before I fall to sleep!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!!! 😉

PS: By the way, all of these pictures were taken by me while my sweetie and I were having our morning breakfast of steel cut oats – YUM!! 😉

A Quiet Morning!

I relish quiet mornings.

The house is clean, the girls are happily fed, my sweetie is reading a favored novel while having his morning coffee, and I am quietly just taking it all in.
Observing every nook and cranny of my home and of my life, wondering what’s working and what can be improved upon.
Always tweaking and futzing with the here and the theres.
My aim is not for perfection.
My aim is for balance.
Balance in my home, balance in my career, balance in my relationships, and balance in my life.
Balance is something that sometimes feels like a a daily struggle.
A fight between good and evil.
A fight that I am determined to win.
But here, in the quiet of this morning, the fight is gone, the battle won, and it is in this quiet moment that I have found peace.