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Hey Little Me!!

I just needed a touch of something girly!!! 😉

I just got off the phone with my daddy!! Yes, every time I talk to him, I feel like he melts me back into a little girl again!!! I love that Daddy-o of mine!!!

So, I watched Oprah off my DVR today, as soon as I got home from work, it helped me take the focus off the fact that I was going through my bills. Anyway, today’s show was a discussion about beauty and getting older. The guests were Actress and model Cybill Shepherd, Dynasty‘s Linda Evans and Desperate Housewives‘ Teri Hatcher. They shared their beauty and aging confessions. It was pretty eye-opening. One question that Oprah asked to all of her guests was what advice would you give your 14 year old self if you could? What would your answer be? I would have to actually stop and think about this long and hard!! I am curious though, feel free to answer in the comment section!!

Until tomorrow,

Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉

Wednesday Update!


I am not sure what to say about that but I am really proud that my hard work is paying off!! 😉

Anyway, I am tired, I have been working out like a fiend today. I have incorporated mini walks throughout my day, I didn’t you use the elevator at all today, and I spent a rambunctiously fun time swimming with family this evening!!! WHEW!!! 😉

I received a new/old book in the mail yesterday. It is a book that Diane von Furstenburg wrote in 1976, and it is about beauty, style and being your sensual self! So far I am loving it!!! I am hoping to get this read quickly!!! The advice is very sensible and is still applicable to today’s woman!!! It is really GREAT to hear her thoughts, she seems like a kindred spirit, or a long lost sister or something!!

Anyway, I am heading off to bed!!!

Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉

Hot Summer’s Day in September!

It is a crazy hot Summer’s day, I have a yummy veggie soup cooking on the stove, I have taken a nice cool shower, and I am now sitting in my pj’s while watching Oprah off of my DVR.

Work was really long today – today was not the day to have forgotten my i-pod!! Anyway, I am tired tonight. I really need to learn to make sleep a priority on the weekend, otherwise I will suffer for it during the first few days of the week.

I did pick up some groceries for our week, and I was proud of myself because this was my second grocery outing where I bought all healthy food!!! Living on a mainly plant-based diet has been a really GOOD thing for me and my sweetie!! We have more energy, and I swear the weight has just been falling off!! Let’s just say, I can’t wait until my weigh-in on Wednesday morning! HOPEFULLY, I will have something good to report.

So after doing some dishes, and getting a couple loads of laundry done, I am going to go up to bed early and hunker down and read a good book. Oh, sometimes life is DIVINE!!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!

Friday Night Take II!

I don’t have much to say tonight. I have been having problems with my blog, I think WordPress went down earlier for a little while and so I am recreating this posting one more time!!! I really don’t have anything witty, or zany to say. I am not doing anything great, I don’t have big plans, and I haven’t learned anything new in the last few hours.

I did make myself a FABULOUS dinner tonight using some leftovers from last night!! I made stuffed baked bell peppers! YUM!!! I am not sure if that sounds good to you, but trust me – it was AWESOME!!! I am trying to eat a more plant based diet, and I honestly thought it was going to be harder than it is, but I haven’t had cravings, nor have I felt like I was missing out on something. So that is AWESOME!!!

I am getting ready to spend my nice quiet evening at home, having Quantum Leap marathon. Did anyone else ever watch that show? It was one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES when I was a teenager. Sam was DREAMY!!!

Anyway, I am going to keep this short!

Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉

Wednesday Hump Day!!

Ok, not that kind of hump day…hmmm…at least not YET anyway!!! LOL!!

I have had a pretty good day today! I just got home from work and finished some house chores. My sweetie is grilling some chicken out back and I have got the veggies all ready to go! YUM! We have some peppy music playing, and every once in a while, Jason will stop wherever I am at, and spin me around so we can start dancing! God, I love that man!!! 😉

Anyway, I will put my feet back on the ground – at lease momentarily!!!  I have been doing some more research on Diane von Furstenburg, and I ran across some of her really AWESOME quotes, and I can see why I just LOVE her soooo much!!!

“Attitude is everything.”

“I design for the woman who loves being a woman.”

“I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.”

“You’re always with yourself so you might as well enjoy the company.”

“Now is the time to become a myth.”

and my favorite that I ran across today:

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire. When it’s a small fire the wind kills it, but when it’s a real fire, wind intensifies it!”

As I sit here listening to “I Don’t Care Who Knows” by Catherine Russell, I realize that life is really GOOD!!! I am so blessed in my life!!!

This is isn’t the best video of this song, and I know the lyrics are really hard to understand, but it is basically saying that “I don’t care who knows, I love my man!!!” 😉 Every time this song comes on, I just can’t help but dance around!!

As for dinner, I am cooking some onions tonight to go with dinner, and I LOVE them!!! They are my favorite vegetable right now!! now I must admit I don’t make them the most healthily, but they are sooooo freaking’ good! !!

Dice one over sized sweet Walla Walla onion, in thin slices. Add butter to pan, about 1 tbsp per 1/2 an onion – depending on size (I add one extra tbsp for good measure)! Cook on med-high until translucent, then turn heat down to low, and make sure the onions are evenly distributed in the pan. Next, this is key – DON’T TOUCH UNTIL BROWNED!!! then flip and do this again, until all slices are gorgeously brown – I do this about 4 – 5 times!!! and I am telling you, the onion is sooooo perfectly carmelized! The onion will have reduced by more than 1/2, so 1/2 an onion is perfect for one person (I can eat a whole carmelized onion as a meal all by itself!!!)

I received a book in the mail today, it is called “Junk Chic”. and so far, I am loving it! I also love that the book cost me less than $5, including shipping and handling! I have two more on their way now, they are both books by or about Diane von Furstenburg – SHOCKED??? No, probably not!! HAHAHA! 😉

I am also going through a bunch of new pictures from our camping trip with my sis-in-law and her family! Some of these are really GREAT!!! I will make it a point to post some of these for you tomorrow!!

Ok, so I realize that my thoughts are just wandering all over the place, but I think I am going to take this new found energy and go for a walk!!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!

My New Muse!

I have discovered my new muse!

Diane von Furstenberg

I know that Diane has been around forever. She is a fashion designer who knows how to design for a woman’s body. She is also the famous designer that invented the iconic wrap dress, which unfortunately, since I don’t have a waist, I have never been able to pull off – GO FIGURE! 😉

She also created the saying, “Feel like a woman, wear a dress!” Something that I have just recently learned and have come to believe in my own fashion-filled life!!! 😉

Enjoy some of her collections:

Aren’t her designs just DIVINE??? Oh how Iwish I had one of everything, and I would always be the belle of the ball!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!!!

God Bless Oprah!!

On my way home tonight I decided to pick up salads, and baked chicken for dinner, that way my sweetie could take the evening off from cooking tonight! So, after I got home and we had our dinner, I decided to watch some episodes of Oprah, I have 3 on my DVR!!! So, I watch the season premier and honey, I tell you that, I am sitting here with a big roll of toilet paper blubbering like a big ol’ baby! I would like to tell you that I haven’t slipped into the ugly cry yet, but that might not be true!! I just LOVE Oprah Winfrey! I remember my mom watching her when I was little, and myself watching her on and off throughout the years. I am sad to see that she will be leaving her television show this year, but she’s not dying y’all!!! I can’t wait to see what she does next. My life has been blessed because of Oprah, and if each of us could have just a smidge of her compassion for the world around us, and enough gumtpion to make change happen this world would be a much better place.

If not me, who? if not now, when?

Alright so most of you may know that I am working on getting healthy, and what you may not know is that I have been doing HORRIBLY!!! I am an all or nothing kinda girl, and that is probably my biggest downfall in my quest to get fit! I spend a lot of time beating myself up and then just quitting! So I am trying to have a change in my mindset. I want to do at least one thing better today, then I did yesterday.

So today:

  • I visited our hospital’s community health library and checked out two educational programs to watch
  • I had baked chicken instead of fried for dinner
  • I have eaten 6 servings of fruits and vegetables today
  • Watched Oprah, always uplifiting, inspiring, or educational
  • I cleaned out my car
  • Drank water all evening
  • I have put my laundry away (thank you, Jason for folding all of that!)

I have one quote that I wanted to share today. This is a quote that I heard while watching a movie called The Answer Man earlier this week, and ever since I’ve heard it, it has been repeating over and over in my head. The lines of this movie are:

Kris Lucas: Why can’t I do the things I want to do? There’s so much I know I’m capable of that I never actually do. Why is that?
Arlen Faber: The trick is to realize that you’re always doing what you want to do… always. Nobody’s making you do anything. Once you get that, you see that you’re free and that life is really just a series of choices. Nothing happens to you. You choose.

Isn’t that deep??? I am not sure why, but these lines really created an Ah-Ha moment for me!!! I am working on remembering this! It is all a choice, no one is forcing me to do anything!!


Have a FABULOUS evening! 😉

Weekend Update!

OK, so where do I begin!???

Well, wait – before I start, I wanted to say thank you to my two youngest sisters, Jennifer & Trina!!  I had to call them super late on Friday night to get some help getting un-lost – I KNOW SHOCKING RIGHT??? Ok, so everyone who knows me, know that is NOT shocking, but thankfully I wasn’t driving that night!!! Thank you, girls!!! You are still my saving graces! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!! 😉

After a whole day of driving, Jason, Fahline, and I FINALLY got home close to 2 am this morning!!! Fahline crashed on the couch and I literally don’t remember my head hitting the pillow last night!!! Last night, when we stopped for dinner, I noticed that I was experiencing some adema in my feet and ankles, which I had never experienced before but I knew what it was immediately because Jason has been having trouble with adema for about the past year. When I awoke this morning, not only was I exhausted, but my feet were sooooo swollen that it hurt to even move my toes!! OUCH!! So, apparently, I need to avoid salt for the next few days, and drink a ton of water, until my feet and ankles return back to normal!!

It was agreed that all three of us had a FANTASTIC time in California this weekend, much better than any of us could have imagined!! The resort that we stayed at, which I had mentioned previously, was just sooooo peaceful, and it was extremely easy to rest there – thank goodness!! and I had SUCH A GREAT time getting to better know Fahlene!! We have SOOOO MUCH IN COMMON, that I am STILL asking, HOW COME WE HAVE NEVER HUNG OUT MORE BEFORE???? I am going to most definitely make sure that we correct that!!!! I LOVE YOU, FAHLENE, YOU CRAZY, ZANY (& BRAVE) GIRL!!!! 😉

I do want to tell you about one person that I met. He was THE MOST AMAZING MAN!!! 😉 We hit it off almost immediately, and over classic movies of all things!!! Robert, aka Bob, is an older gentleman, and I found out later that he is and has been my adopted grandfather, Willy’s, financial advisor!! I had such a fun time getting to know him on that Saturday night, that on the next day when Adelle was trying to find a seat for him during the wedding reception dinner, I was more than happy to have him sit next to me!! by then end of the evening, it was like we had known each other my whole life!! At the end of the evening, after dinner, dancing, and have a  GREAT time!!! Bob came up to me, grabbed me by both of my shoulders, kissed me on one cheek, and then on my other cheek, and told me that I he was my new grandfather, and that he hoped I was ok with that, which you know!! I was TOTALLY EXCITED about!!! He then turned to Jason, who is almost 6′ 8″ by the way, and told him,

“You have a GREAT wife over there, if you hurt her in any way,  I will personally come to Salem and beat the sh*t out of you!!!”

I was sooooo shocked, and everyone who was standing around just paused for a moment, checked out the height difference between Jason and Bob, not to mention age difference, and we all just started laughing!!! I was COMPLETELY SMITTEN!!! and Jason reassured Bob that he was going to take FABULOUS care of me!!!

Bob is saucy, outpsoken, blunt, funny, charming, and a dear, dear man!!! Just to have met him made spending another weekend away from home was sooooo worth it!!! 😉

Jason had a tooth pulled today, and unfortunately they ended up having to remove some bone with it, so he is in A LOT of pain, and has been pretty medicated ALL DAY!!! So I really need to get going to go take care of him!!! which means I am not going to post any pics tonight, but I am hoping that I will have a whole slew of them to post tomorrow!!!

Anyway, have a FABULOUS evening!! 😉