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Last Night of Pampered Bliss!!

Class is all done!!! My brain is perfectly fried! and I am supremely ready to go home!! Well, ok, let’s not jump the gun quite yet – I do get to hang out in this awesome hotel room for one more night!!! I came in tonight, and was pleasantly surprised to see all sorts of little touches that housekeeping has done while I was away today – it was very sweet of them. Besides leaving a nice tip, I am going to have to make sure to write a letter to management to let them know how great their staff is and how they made my stay such a pleasant and comfortable one. Maybe I can make their day, like they made mine! 🙂

Tonight is going to be about enjoying the quiet and just taking it easy before I have to get up crazy early tomorrow morning and fly home – no, wait! Who the hell am I kidding?!?!?! Tonight is all about living it up before I have to get back to my real life!!! 🙂 Good granny! I am sure that my neighbor must be sick of hearing my hot tub fill with water every night – I KNOW that is SOOOOO not environmentally conscious of me, but HEY, when am I going to have a hot tub in my bedroom again – UHM… possibly NEVER!!! It is not something that I think I ever really want in my real life!!! 😉

Anyway, ok, I am having a not cool moment! I am watching the most HILARIOUS episode of Community. It is the one with Jack Back as a guest, and OMG I am laughing sooooo freaking hard! I know, does that make me some kind of a nerd or something??? Oh well, I am jsut going to have to embrace my nerdiness!!! ALL HAIL MY FELLOW NERDS – I know you are out there, and I KNOW that some of you are reading!! *WINK!* maybe we should have some kind of special handshake or a special look we give to each other as we pass on the street so that we know we are not alone!! You know, just thinking out loud!!! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, life is pretty good, and I REALLY can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see my sweetie and the girls!!! Even without the in home jacuzzi, I am pretty fortunate!!! and again I am SOOO THANKFUL for the little pills that are going to get me groggily through both of my flights tomorrow!!! They are SUCH A GODSEND!!! 😉

Have a FABULOUS night! I know I will!!! 😉

A Quick Good Morning!!

Good morning!!

I am running a little behind this morning, so I am going to have to keep this short so I am not late, or worse, miss my bus – EEK!!! That would NOT be good!!! 😉

Went to bed a little early last night, that was good. Woke up a lot, that felt bad. Room was nice and cool, that was good. Had a really bad leg cramp that made me fly out of bed, that was bad. I plan on having a SPECTACULAR day, that is good.

I will chat again later this evening!!!

Have a FABULOUS morning!!! 🙂

My Official Evening Plans!!

I have just gotten back from class! Today went sooo much nicer than yesterday!!! when I got back to the hotel last night, I was seriously worried that I was waaaaay in over my head!!! Today, it is still a little tricky, but the resource materials that they are sending me home with tell me step-by-step how to do this ETL process – so, to say the least, I have hope!!! 😉 YEAH!!!

OK, so I am spending a well-deserved quiet evening in my hotel room tonight, wait – does that make me old???? OK, I don’t care – I am TOTALLY over it!! I just ordered my dinner from room service; chicken fettuccine with a spinach salad and a sour dough dinner roll! YUM!!! I can’t wait!I had the BIGGEST GREEN LEAFY SALAD for lunch today, but NOW I AM SOOO HUNGRY!!! MOMMA NEEDS ME SOME GOOD FOOD!!!! Ok, I will be patient!!! 😉

I am also going to have to spend some quality time enjoying the BODACIOUS whirlpool in my room (yes, I know I am such a dork – I just said bodacious)!!! Did I already mention that I was spoiled????? Ok, maybe just a little!!!

On another note, I am in the middle of this really, REALLY good book that I may have to spend some time really just focusing on!!! It is a teens” chapter book called “The Red Pyramid”, it is written by Rick Riordan – he is the same author who wrote all of the Percy Jackson Series! I would highly recommend all of these books if you just want a light, Summer kind-a read!!!

Anyway, I hear the knock on the door, which means dinner is served!!! No, one really should be so excited about food!!!

QUICK UPDATE: dinner was yummy, and they even served it with a pretty fuchsia flower!! Excellence is all in the details!!! Off to go take a dip in my pool – uhm…I mean whirlpool!!! 😉

Have a FABULOUS evening!!

Heading Out for Another Day of Class!

This is what my "School Bus" looks like on the inside! I am waiting for the disco ball to drop and the bubby to start flowing! 😉

I am up, dressed, primped, and totally ready to go to class this morning, with 40 minutes to go until the party bus gets here!! 🙂

Why can’t I do this at home during my real life???? LOL!!! Probably because I can’t throw on my favorite pair of jeans to head out to work!!! Yes, that is right, I am wearing my FAVORITE pair of jeans, a black scoop neck top, zebra ballet flats, red glasses, and of course my crimson rose in my hair!!

This must be the start of a good day, because today is day 2 where I feel like I am going out looking cute!!! and, may I remind myself that it is only 5 am, my time!?!?!?!?!

Things that I am doing here that I need to adopt in my real life:

  1. Pre-plan what you are going to wear so that it is not a surprise in the morning
  2. Be diligent with your daily skin care regime and your make-up application will go so much faster, because you will have less to cover!! 😉
  3. Get up within 15 minutes of the alarm going off; AKA snooze is not an option
  4. Get up and immediately turn on some great music – not the station you usually listen to with the snarky dj who thinks he’s funny!
  5. Exude confidence!! You don’t have to change a damn thing about yourself in the moment if you FEEL good about yourself!!!
  6. and FINALLY keep your health and wellness a priority!! If you don’t take care of your health, you will take care of your sickness eventually!!!

Alright, I am zipping off to do a little a reading before it is time to go down to catch the school bus!!!

Have a FABULOUS morning!!! 😉

Where’s My Vivacious Bitches??

Tara Stiles AKA my health hero!!Today is slowly coming to a close. It has been a pretty good day, but I am just soooo tired. I think a combination of jet lag, and a long day of sitting in a brain gorging technical class has just really wiped me out! 😉

I have had my dinner, thank you room service people!! (I feel soooo spoiled this week!!) had a burger, spinach salad, and fries – I figured the spinach canceled out the ill-affects of anything bad I could have gotten from my burger and fries!! LOL! My hair is braided, face is washed and moisturized, and I am ready to climb into bed and read a little before I shut out the lights!!

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be healthy, and what I can do to incorporate true health into my life. I already do little things every day, but I don’t do enough!! I mean I did eat a burger and fries tonight! I have spent quite a bit of time on Tara Stiles website tonight. She seems to be the epitome of super-health! Thin, flexible, energetic, vivacious, positive – oh gosh, if I only could add those things to my “Santa Baby” Christmas wish list!!! “Uhmmm…Honey, could you please go to the Health R Us store and pick up a couple of things for your Baby Girrrrrl!!!” 😉 Don’t I wish!!!

Anyway, thank you for joining me on another one of my crazy tangents!!! 😉

My FAVORITE thing that I am taking away from Tara Stiles‘ website is her 5 Habits of Healthy People video:

Her 5 items are:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Meditate
  4. Practice Yoga
  5. Smile at strangers

and the only thing I would add is incorporate walking easily in your daily life!

These are all so basic, we could ALL easily incorporate these a little at a time into our lives, and maybe before you know it we all could be super healthy vivacious bitches!!!! WHOO! HOO!!

Alrighty, well this vivacious bitch is heading off to bed!!! Nighty-night!!

Have a FABULOUS evening! 🙂

Quick Post Before Heading Off to Class!!

Good morning!!! Have I told you that it is the butt-crack of dawn right now (I wonder where that awful saying came from?)?? I got up at the equivalent of 4 am, and I am doing pretty darn well, if I may say so myself!!! 😉 Besides the puffy eyes, I think I am looking pretty cute on the way out the door this morning!!! I did my eye make up in a totally new way this morning, and I am loving it! I definetely need to have a vanity, they have just a mirror attached to a wall with a comfy bench in front of it, and I really felt like royalty!!! I should create that same set up at my place!! I will have to get on that!

Anyway, I am heading out! The school bus, yes I said school bus, will be here soon, and I want to make sure that I don’t miss it!!!

Have a FABULOUS morning!!! 😉

Just Chilling in Wisconsin

It is official, I am in Madison, Wisconsin!! I am here for the next 4 days for some computer training. I flew in a day early so that I could get settled, and refreshed and ready for class tomorrow morning, and honey, I am sooooo glad I did! After checking into my hotel, I read a little down while sitting in the picture perfect lobby, took a 2 hour nap back in my room to catch up on the fact that I only slept 3 hours last night, I had dinner at they little hotel restaurant they have downstairs at the hotel, came back to my room and spent some time soaking in the GIANORMOUS whirlpool bathtub, while watching a little tv. If it weren’t for the fact that my friends and family are so far away, I definitely could get used to this life! 😉

I have to say thank you to my sister, Nette!! Your gift made my flights soooo much more relaxing!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Well, I am going to have to figure out how to make myself go to bed right now – it is only 7:30-ish my time, but 9:30 here – so, I can get on the time zone here!!!

I will keep you posted how everything is going tomorrow evening!! 😉

Have a  FABULOUS evening! 😉

Today’s Life Lesson

Today has been a long, busy day! Thankfully tonight I have spent a lot of time on the phone, trying to touch base with my family members! I have so many family members that I am going to have spend Friday afternoon on the phone too!!! LOL!! My family is such a huge part of who I am. I really count on them for balance and for helping me see the big picture! A couple of days ago I said,

“Don’t get so busy doing what you are doing that you forget why you are doing it.”

Well, my family is the number 1 reason I do ANYTHING!! I come from a large family, and I hope to have a big family of my own some day, but for now I just really want to make them proud of me, and help make their lives better, even if it is just in some small way!!

I love you, you crazy, zany, wacky family of mine – I would NOT BE WHO I AM WITHOUT YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!!!

As for business, today is Day 8 of my 30 Day Life Makeover!! The lesson that I really needed to hear today, and one that I have been trying to live by all week, is that it is NOT a sign of weakness to ask for help!! BIG CHANGES are going on in my place of work, and a lot of the stuff coming our way, is EXTREMELY NEW to us!!! SO, WHEW!!! I just had to tell myself, I am COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by people who know what they are doing – USE THEIR EXPERTISE!!!! That is what they are there for, and our team has always gone out of our way to help everyone else, what could it hurt to ask??? Help?? Well, sure enough! People are coming out of the woodwork to help us out, and I FINALLY think that somehow we are going to make it through all of the craziness!!! YEAH!!!

That is what I want you to do today; if there is something in your life that you have been too scared to ask for help, REACH OUT and ask for help!! Trust me, this one can be scary, but when your co-workers, friends, and/or family reach out to answer your call – YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!!!

Have a FABULOUS evening!!! 😉