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Today’s Highlight

I find myself smiling at the days events as if I have a little secret. And I do. I’ll share it with you.


No matter how much a man tells his woman she is beautifull, smart, likeable, or worth knowing, it isn’t until another woman (one that holds her respect) affirms this does she truelly allow herself to revel in her belief that it is true.
Mind you men that this doesn’t mean that your efforts are for not. On the contrary, we men who find ourselves so often scorned by a womans lack of faith in our oppinion of her worth are in fact having such feelings in vain. We are the architects of a womans self worth, building the foundations of her feeling of self-worth. This is provided she has invested her heart with you. If you give little effort to your task, you will only succeed in making her feel of little value. To the contrary, if you work with diligence and great passion to build her up, she will have little choice but to become what you believe her to be, and when one of her friends or co-workers compliments her, it is a compliment to you as well. Look up the story of the Ten Cow Wife sometime and you’ll get the point more clearly.

Till next time. J

“How do you ever expect to be special if you keep doing what everyone else is doing?”
– Debbie Ford

Duh! I read this last night while I was getting ready for bed and I had an ah-ha! moment.

101 Things to Do Before I Die

I have been working on a list of 101 Things to Do Before I Die, and I thought it might be interesting if I were to share my list with you!!! The items with an asterisk to the right of them have already been completed!!! Enjoy!

1. Live like Mame
2. Get out of debt
3. Get an Associates Degree
4. Go to Hawaii
5. Go to Paris
6. Learn Italian
7. Learn French
8. Record a Hawaiian CD
9. Sing one song at a night club
10. Own a condo/first home*
11. Own a beach home
12. Get in shape
13. Own my own business
14. Read the entire Bible
15. Meet Anthony Robbins
16. Host a cable television show
17. Take a pottery class
18. Become a plus-sized model for a day
19. Take a photography class
20. Become IRIS certified
21. Write a book
22. Meet Della Reese
23. Go skinny dipping*
24. Take a cooking course
25. Visit Audrey Hepburn’s grave
26. Visit Rome
27. Own a home with a long winding driveway
28. Hire a housekeeper*
29. By my dad a house
30. Take a biking vacation
31. Walk in a 3-day, 60 mile Breast cancer Fundraiser
32. Give a million dollars to a low income church
33. Teach a class*
34. Make a work of art*
35. Start a women’s support group*
36. Fly first class
37. Display a work of art professionally
38. Make a bracelet that doesn’t break*
39. Have lunch with Oprah Winfrey
40. Own a magazine company
41. Ride on a yacht
42. Design a piece of furniture*
43. Donate a home to a needy family
44. Send a low income youth to college
45. Learn to blow glass/fusion
46. Take a piano class
47. Visit a spa for a week
48. Have a gown made haute couture
49. Have a closet full of lingerie
50. Take a group of friends on vacation
51. Vacation with my dad in Hawaii
52. Take a vacation with Jennifer
53. Take a vacation with Trina
54. Own an original Picasso
55. Record a lullaby CD with my dad, for my children, in a recording studio
56. Have a net worth of $1 Mil
57. Go to New Orleans*
58. Ride in a limousine*
59. Net $100,000 in personal income for one year
60. Go on a shopping spree in New York, while staying at the Plaza
61. Watch a sunrise from the top of the Eiffel Tower
62. Buy a house, fix it up and sell it for profit
63. Take a painting class
64. Completely renovate a low-income community
65. Purchase a villa in Italy
66. Give a self help presentation to an arena of people
67. Have $1,000,000 in my bank account
68. Net $1,000,000 in personal income in one year
69. Own a brand new car
70. Purchase a 3-carat diamond ring
71. Have Celine Dion sing a song for me
72. Own 100 pairs of shoes
73. Make a wish on a star from the top of the Empire State Building
74. View New York from the top of the Statue of Liberty
75. Eat at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle*
76. Take a helicopter ride
77. Own an RV
78. Pose for a black & white Hollywood style nude
79. Go to a masquerade ball
80. Learn to hula
81. Visit a resort in Fiji
82. Stay at a famous Vegas hotel and see a show
83. Watch a live show on Broadway
84. “Pay it Forward”
85. Attend a ballet
86. Take a picture on a plantation from the old south in a traditional gown with a hoop skirt
87. Kiss my Sweetie while on the deck of a cruise ship
88. Make love under the moon and stars*
89. Have a candle lit dinner overlooking the coast*
90. Get a puppy*
91. Get a genuine henna tattoo*
92. Go wine tasting in Italy
93. Ride a double stacked bus in England
94. Have a party catered
95. Give a family a surprise Christmas
96. By myself a large gaudy piece of jewelry and wear it*
97. Take a train trip to Canada
98. Help someone else’s dream come true
99. Take a dance class
100. Ride in a hot-air balloon
101. Receive a wedding ring*

Whew! I had better get busy!!!
Love, me 😉

Just Getting Started!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I have decided that there are some things that I want to get out there into the universe! I do not want to be a woman who lives her life sitting on the sidelines hoping that some hero will come along and whisk me into a world where all of my dreams are fulfilled!!! I want to know that I made them happen, and that I grew and became a better person because of my efforts!!!

“Live! Live! Live! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!!!”
– Auntie Mame

We had a bomb scare at my workplace yesterday – it was terrifying!!! It turned out to be a live bomb, that did not detonate. Fortunately no one was hurt and life can go on as usual here. Actually, there was a feeling of community among all of my coworkers and it made me feel proud to work here – even if I don’t always remember what a blessing it is to have this position. The first thing I did was call Jason (my sweetie) and told him that whatever he heard on the news, that is was not as bad as that and that I was safe – it did not seem to relieve him too much. After I got home I finally took some time to freak out about it myself and it made me put some things in my life in perspective. I guess all things do happen for a reason – even if it is just to get our attention.

Anyway, I am off to Portland to see my Aunt Flo tomorrow! I am just so excited!!! I haven’t seen her in forever!!! Her and I are very close in age and when I was a little girl I always wanted to be her! It is great knowing that as adults we can be friends!!! She is just too cool – she is in a kazoo band, can that be any cooler!!! 😉

I will chat more later!!!
love, me